Ingrid Betancourt Portrait Shoot at Cornbury Park

2 March, 2015

Ingrid Betancourt, politician, former Columbian presidential candidate, ex-parlimentarian,  human rights activist, theologian author and  a member of National Order of French Legion of Honour (Ordre national de la Legion d’honneur) is a most remarkable women. We have had the immense privilege to photograph Ingrid on a number of occasions including her daughter Melanie’s fabulous wedding to Leo at Chateau Dangu just outside Paris which is one of our featured wedding stories.

There is …” nothing more difficult than to feel comfortable under the scrutiny of a camera lens. This is in fact one of the many talents Susie Barker and Harley Evans share: to put anyone at ease with their kindness and intelligence but their most impressive gift is by far their capacity to bring out the essence of the person they are portraying. Not only because their work is impeccable and the beauty of light, surroundings and movement is compelling, but also because through their eyes one can witness – and this is a powerful experience – as if  the splendour of that person’s soul had been unveiled just for them and only during the split second the picture was taken.”

Ingrid Betancourt

The photographs were shot on location at the spectacular Cornbury Park Estate, Oxfordshire with very kind permission of Lady Tania Rotherwick (another incredible women) who we have been fortunate to photograph on many occasions too.  The images from this shoot were used for publicity photographs and press releases for Ingrid’s latest book, Le Ligne Bleu published by Gallimard, France,shortly to be available world wide in translation, here are a few favourite images from the series.


2_ingrid   4_Ingrid 5_Ingrid 6_Ingrid

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