Fabulous private party weekend at Aynhoe Park

9 July, 2016



If you could imagine your dream  private party this would be it … organised by Kelly for husband Baron Stuart Simpson.

Editor, stylist and film producer Kelly Cooper Barr has been making the world a more beautiful place for the last twenty years. From Armani to All Saints, from Iru Bru to Agent Provocateur and from Sainsbury’s to Sharon Stone. Kelly’s unashamedly glamorous and eclectic style has gilded the catwalk, the page and the screen. Her client list includes Harvey Nichols, Top Shop, Armani, Tiffany and Calvin Klein.

Kelly and Stuart and their beautiful friends and families effortlessly combine style and fun and we are completely honoured to showcase part of their celebration weekend at Aynhoe Park. We LOVED every second of photographing such warm and genuinely friendly people xx

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Amazing photos. You really captured the essence of the weekend. Thank you Kelly and Stu for a memorable weekend. The memories will be etched forever in my mind.