Kelly and Brian, based in the US, came to Oxford University as students and friends and returned to Oxford to get married, such a romantic story! Their ceremony was held at Brasenose College in the exquisite chapel dating back to the 17th century with its beautiful fan vaulted ceiling. Brasenose has a notable alumni (of note and including, Prime Minister David Cameron, Elias Ashmole, founder of the Ashmolean Museum and Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury). Their reception was held at the equally historic Oxford Union, who’s famous speakers have included so many illustrious world figures from politics, the music and art world. (To name a few – the Dalai Lama, JFK, Malcolm X,  Barry White, Tiny Tempeh, Mother Teresa, Jesse Jackson, Ne-Yoh and Michael Jackson). It was very lovely to work with Nicky at the Oxford Union, Katie at Isobel weddings for on the day planning and our friends at fabulous flowers. Kelly and Brian and their wonderful families were incredible to photograph and it was a complete honour to spend the day photographing them. Kelly,  Brian and family we hope you love this preview  xx

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