a few favourite party images


...we knew Harley & Susie were the perfect fit for us and our big day. We were over the moon when we got to sit down and relive our wedding day through their lenses - the moments they captured are priceless and the photos are gorgeous!
- Storm and Ronan Keating
... The way you captured the emotion and personality of the occasion, set against the stunning background & setting, was way beyond our expectations. You approached the challenge with such creativity and imagination, injecting a real aesthetic beauty tinged with an element of fun, that we could not have asked for anything more. With our warmest regards and utmost thanks
- James Perkins and Sophie Taylor, Aynhoe Park 400th Anniversary Party
Working with Harley and Susie is truly a gift, not only because they are mazing photographers who are discreet while knowing where to be and when, but also because looking through their images after a shoot is like opening presents.
- Golareh Safarian, Fox Broadcasting
There is …. nothing more difficult than to feel comfortable under the scrutiny of a camera lens. This is in fact one of the many talents Susie Barker and Harley Evans share; to put everyone at ease with their kindness and intelligence but their most impressive gift is by far their capacity to bring out the essence of the person they are portraying. Not only because their work is impeccable and the beauty of light, surroundings and movement is compelling, but also because through their eyes one can witness - and this is a powerful experience-as if the splendour of that person’s soul had been unveiled just for them only during that split second the picture was taken.
- Ingrid Betancourt, politician, senator, author