When the Groom is a multi Olivier award-winning independent theatre producer and manager (Jamie Hendry Productions) you would expect the wedding to be amazing and it was everything and more … Aynhoe Park of course was the perfect choice. The day ran to perfection in the expert hands of Katie, who makes everything effortless and fun!  Their supplier list was enviable, Annaliese’s Dress was from Browns Brides, hair by the the super talented Severin from the Hepburn Collection (Annaliese looked very Catherine Deneuve), Shoes by Gina, their beautiful flowers were by our friends Fabulous Flowers and their stunning cake was by the lovely Princess Patisserie. Jamie and Annaliese organised shooting activities for their friends hosted by the Honesberie Shooting School whilst they had an intimate ceremony with just parents and witnesses in the library.  Later on they invited all their guests to their romantic candlelit ceremony which was magical. After a magnificent feast in the dinning room created by the Kitchen at Aynhoe Park (their food is incredible)  Hand Fulla Soul rocked the party into the the night. Great Lighting and Production for the evening was  by Mission Events. Jamie and Annaliese, thank you for being so brilliant to photograph, hope you love the preview x


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