Susie & Harley

When you find something that sets your creativity on fire, that makes you want to jump out of bed with a sense of energy and inspiration, that gives you that spark of excitement every time you do it… you know you have found your passion!

When you find a friend who is as passionate about taking photographs as you are, you develop a unique language that goes beyond words. You bind together, exploring new levels of empathy and understanding as you share and grow your craft. It’s rare, it is precious and it creates MAGIC! We found this wonderful friendship and magic over 20 years ago and we created Barker Evans and we love to capture feeling and tell your story.

We have been on an extraordinarily creative journey ever since, as photography has evolved over the years from large format film cameras and wet printing to SLR film cameras (Nikon FM2s were our beloved work horses) to the wonderful flexibility of the top-of-the-range digital Canon cameras we use today. (We shoot on Canon 1DXs and Canon 1DSr’s.) We have never stopped learning. Every shoot is an original, fresh creation, sparked in that decisive moment we decide to click the shutter. The qualities of light and the subject are never the same, so every shot is unique. There is always a beautiful new way to see and to tell a story.

Susie barker

We share a vision, influencing and inspiring each other. On your wedding day, we share that vision with you. It’s our job to bring out the best in you without turning your day into a photoshoot and see ourselves as mirrors of your day whether you are completely shy or happy to be in front of the camera.

Harley Evans

We have so much experience to draw on. We handle our cameras deftly and instinctively in rapidly changing lighting situations, which makes us know in a second how to capture the absolute best in you. Thank goodness we were schooled here in dark, dank and misty Oxford light!

Knowing our cameras so well makes us feel bit like maestro musicians playing a violin to create beautiful music. We like to think we play our cameras in the same way, effortlessly drawing on instinct, experience and artistry to create beautiful images of you and the people you love.

We have had the honour of photographing hundreds of weddings over the years and we have never lost the excitement we felt when we took those very first few wedding pictures.

What a lovely, lovely way to spend our time! We love where you take us and we love being entrusted to reflect in our photographs your gorgeous personalities, spontaneity and beauty.

Our purpose is to give you a collection of family art that will become an heirloom to be cherished and passed down through the generations, keeping your wedding day alive in beautiful imagery for eternity.

– Susie and Harley

Our Story

Susie and Harley have a background in press (photo-journalism NUJ)  and Fine Art and have worked discreetly for a number of private clients. Over the years they have photographed the Queen and British Royalty, World and UK politicians including prime ministers Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and David Cameron. As advertising and commercial photographers, they have also worked for numerous global companies, design agencies and interior clients (they adore photographing people and architecture).

Their work has taken them round the world for notable client Bloomberg TV, has seen them photographing on the catwalk at London fashion week and photographing major projects for British Aerospace (BAE systems). Recently their still images from the promo shoot for the new Kiefer Sutherland series ’24’ set in London were used for the world advertising campaign. Their images were seen on billboards globally from LA,  downtown Dallas, New York to Paris and London.


Here are some samples from our own brand Barker Evans greetings card range and general occasion Cards commissioned by Woodmansterne Publications Ltd for the international and UK card market (Images 1 and 2). As seen on the the High Street.

Cards: www.woodmansterne.com

Every wedding is unique to us and we would love to take beautiful pictures of you